It's the day of my book release!

You can get 'A Woman's Place' anywhere (but, ahem, preferably not Amazon) anywhere today!

A Woman's Place by Kylie Cheung: 9781623174842 |  Books

Here’s something I never thought I’d have to say: some personal news!

My book of feminist essays, A Woman’s Place: Inside the Fight for a Feminist Future, comes out TODAY! Here’s the back-cover blurb:

A fearless primer to the feminism we need now: tactics for advancing reproductive justice, promoting intersectionality, and pushing back against misogyny, gaslighting, and patriarchal systems of oppression.

Too loud. Too shrill. Too far. Too much. Despite the systematic chipping away at our voices, autonomy, and rights, women who demand more–or even just enough–continue to be pushed aside, talked over, and dismissed. From unbridled online abuse to the unspoken societal rules that dictate who can express anger, when you’re a feminist the personal is political…and it’s time we all embrace feminism as a matter of survival.

Cultural critic and Gen-Z feminist Kylie Cheung lays bare the state of affairs for women in the twenty-first century. She discusses the challenges of our time, from misogyny to gaslighting, racism, and rampant attacks on reproductive healthcare. She also explores the empowering strides of #MeToo, unprecedented youth mobilization, and increasing recognition of the power and necessity of intersectional movements. Cheung weaves biting cultural commentary with personal narrative, sharing stories of feminist awakening, online harassment, and the effects of sexual assault, racism, fetishization, and misogyny within relationships. She speaks candidly to a new generation of feminists seeking real, unfiltered experiences and guidance as they navigate the sexist realities of our unjust world. Cheung’s manifesto is a tour-de-force of fourth-wave feminism, a call to arms that speaks truth to power as we engage in the fight of and for our lives.

And some kind words from the wonderful people who took the time to give this a read:

“Journalist Cheung debuts with a sharp and reflective examination of the state of fourth-wave feminism . . . [She] skillfully communicates the urgency of these issues, and demands respect for her Gen-Z cohorts from an older generation of feminists. This galvanizing call to arms will resonate with young activists.”
Publishers Weekly

“Astute and unapologetic, A Woman’s Place is an ultimately hopeful dispatch from the resistance in the Trump era. Cheung shows us how young feminists have—and will continue to—carry on the fight for justice.”
—Maya Dusenbery, former editor of and author of Doing Harm

“The Gen-Z daughter of Asian-American immigrant parents in California suburbia, Cheung offers sharp analysis of how our overlapping identities inform the experience of this political moment and all it entails: the fight to save Roe v. Wade, post-#MeToo backlash, and the interconnected struggles of marginalized populations. Through it all, she shows that traversing a path forward still matters, despite the jarring back-and-forths between small victories and defeats. In A Woman’s Place, Cheung reveals herself as one of today’s most exciting new voices for a generation of emerging feminist thinkers.”
—Kelli María Korducki, books editor at Forge by Medium and author of Hard to Do

“Kylie Cheung is one of the most talented feminist writers of her generation. Cheung educates her readers on the erased histories and nuanced intricacies of today’s feminist issues in an approachable way, truly ensuring feminism is for everyone. A Woman’s Place is a thoughtful memoir of a young feminist exploring the systemic misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and classism surrounding her and taking the reader on a journey toward understanding intersectionality, challenging white supremacy, and fighting for a vision of a feminist future grounded in reproductive justice.”
—Renee Bracey Sherman, reproductive justice activist and founder of We Testify

“Cheung’s book captures the journey of a feminist awakening in a particular, and particularly fraught, moment in time. Her clear-eyed writing is both introspective and outward looking. With impassioned, intelligent young thinkers like her leading the next iteration of the feminist movement, we are in capable hands.”
—Lindsay Miller, news and culture director at PopSugar

“With every new ‘wave’ of feminism, comes the inherent criticism that some are doing it wrong. Every generation of feminists has faced accusations of being ‘too radical, too angry, too sensitive, too loud, too feminine, not feminine enough,’ and the old standby of being ‘hysterical’ about freedoms that so many believe we no longer need to fight for. In this informative, personal account of how feminism shaped her generation, Kylie Cheung shows how this ever-evolving
political ideology is as necessary as ever, and that in many ways, the fight has only just begun.”
—Heather Wood Rudulph, managing editor of Dame magazine

“Written with authority and passion, A Woman’s Place is a packed tour through what it means to be a feminist and a rallying cry for women of all ethnicities.”
Tanisha Rule, Foreword Reviews

If you’re interested in learning more about the book, the process of writing it, and its subject matter, I’ll be discussing this in an Instagram Live this afternoon at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST with Shayna Keyles, one of the wonderful editors at North Atlantic Books. I’ve also discussed the book in upcoming episodes of the podcasts Femtastic and Black and Yellow, so be sure to follow them and look out!

Thank you to the patient and truly wonderful people at North Atlantic Books for helping me create and share this project with you—despite writing a book full of words, I don’t think I’ll ever find enough to express my appreciation <3

You can find more information about the book and where to buy it, here, and as a general reminder, please consider buying this book and any other books anywhere but Amazon—especially when independent bookstores across the country are reeling from the economic fallout of COVID-19, and all while Amazon continues to put workers at risk and deny them living wages and benefits. You can support independent bookstores and support efforts to divest from Amazon by purchasing my book or any other books from places like Bookshop, an online bookstore that financially supports local and independent bookstores.

If you happen to purchase the book and learn from or enjoy it, don’t be shy about leaving reviews and sharing or just emailing me your thoughts, because I’d love to hear them :)

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